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Your man Keith is an asset to your company. My wife called me and said that he was very knowledgeable and took the time needed to explain everything to her. What impressed me most, being a small business owner myself, was that she told me that she felt very comfortable having him in her home. I wish my customers said that about my employees. Thanks for taking care of my problem.
John M. - April 09

I am one of your Preferred Customers. The purpose of this letter is to advise you of our appreciation as to the quality and efficiency of the work provided by Barry, in his correcting problems with two toilets and one sink. He allowed me to observe and ask questions which he clearly and cheerfully answered.
Last time, some years ago, Larkin provided one of your technicians who also gave superior work. I will continue recommending your company to my friends and neighbors should they need plumbing work.
John T. - May 09

I am very pleased with the work Keith did on my pool heater. I can finally swim another month or two in the year. I've never been able to that before. I was told I needed to have my whole heater replaced, and your man repaired it for me for about 1/10th as much. I should have called you years ago.
Eric R. - Oct 08

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the positive experience I had with Dana, who answered the phone Sunday around 5:30 pm and Barry, the plumber who actually came to my home to facilitate the repair.
Dana was by far the most pleasant person I've spoken with when asking for service, she was both friendly and efficient. When Barry came to my home, he was also courteous and efficient, and in addition I found him both helpful and professional. I ran a few questions by him regarding other work I would like done in my home and would not hesitate to have him back to take care of the repairs.
As I mentioned to your supervisor, I own my own company and have all of my own clients and in these hard economic times, I believe that excellent customer service is the one item that we can both employ to assure the continued success of our companies over the many others that are in both of our fields and who are out there vying for our customers' business. Kudos to both Dana and Barry.
Cindy L. - March 09

Casey is the best plumber you have working for you, and that says a lot, because I've had most likely everyone from your office over here, since I've been using you for the last 35 years. Also, tell Sam, your credit guy, thanks for letting me put some of this last bill on my account. Things in Vegas are tough right know and I appreciate it. I'll get it paid off in the next couple of months.
Eddie R. (a customer for 35 years) - May 09

Matt made me feel I had called the right company, right from the beginning. He showed up within an hour of when I called, with a smile and knew what he was doing. He didn't talk much, but just went to work. It was a horribly dirty job, but the smile never went away. I though you would want to know what kind of plumber and employee Matt was.
Jamie G. - Jan 09

I found your man Aaron to be a good competent plumber and a wonderful human being.
Ruth D. - February 09

I'm handicapped, and had a problem getting to the door when your man, Kurt, arrived. He waited patiently and when he told me what was wrong I really think he felt bad for me. He told me that he would have to remove my tree to fix the leak or run a new line along next to the driveway, under the entryway and into the garage. He gave me an option and I really didn't want to loose my tree. The plumber the insurance company sent out just told me how much more it was going cost 'cause of my stupid tree' and how hot it was. I'm glad Larkin was there.
Helen W. - May 09

I'm very pleased with your plumber. He spent time with me and answered all my questions - something other plumbers have not.
Sue D. - December 08

I've had quite a time with plumbing in my home lately. I want you to know that both Mike (S193) and Tim (S114) were excellent and very patient and knowledgeable and took care of my problems. They are a benefit to your business.
Mike and Carrie D. - June 09

Your plumbing company has helped me out many times over the years. I started using Larkin because my parents always used them in the 40's and 50's. I don't know anything about plumbing and my husband, while he tries to fix things usually just screws it up more. It's nice to know I can call you and you can come right out. Even though, once or twice over the past 40 years, I had to call back, you've always cheerfully come back out and straightened it out. Thanks a lot.
Willis B. R. - April 09

I have been out of the country for the last few years for my church and when my daughter called saying everything was stopped up, I told her to call Larkin Plumbing and have them fix it. I appreciate what you did for her family when you let her sign for the work, instead of requiring payment then and there. I guess you trusted us because of all the times we used Larkin over the years and it meant something to you. I am sending the payment for your work. Thanks again.
Harold D. - Mar 09

I was awakened the other morning by my new neighbor's husband beating on the door and telling me there was water running out from under the garage door. When I looked in the garage, we found my water softener leaking all over and everything was wet. It was a holiday and my husband was gone. I asked my neighbor what I should do and he said he calls you. I was surprised to find out that your office was open and I could talk with a real person. Your man that answered the phone told me how to shut off my water meter and said he would have a plumber come out when one of them finished the job they were on. About 50 minutes later your man showed up, repaired the leak and helped me move the things in the garage. I was very satisfied with your service. By noon my household was back to normal. Thanks, Larkin.

Sasha P. - May 09

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